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Jun 05, 2007 @ 02:08pm
[ mood | sick ]

its been awhile since ive logged on to lj. everyday ive been busy with work & wedding plans. so much so, that ive slowly neglected my studies. *not very good* its been pretty stressing, i got sick for nearly a week, and now i think that nasty virus has come back with a vengeance. *damn you weak immune system!*
everyday for me, consists of juggling my work whilst the constant email, txt relays with berlyn. my certified wedding specialist. mind you, the first & only filipina member of Association For Wedding Planners International. pretty impressive aye?! she's a heaven sent. i give her props for putting up with me. only a few more weeks till we fly out to Phils! hurry up and be JULY 28th already! we have so much to do. pre-wedding pictorial, organise dresses, invitations, food tasting with the caterers, etc etc. exciting yet daunting at the same time.

* PA and i got into a minor car accident last week, with a yellow nissan 200sx. lucky it wasn't Pa's fault. anyway, the beautiful nissan bonnet was smashed. *poor guy, didnt have insurance. *tsk tsk*
* PA took me shopping on the weekend. bought a pair of suede ankle boots from nine west. sO sexy!
* privelege @ george st. every friday night for the past few weeks now. memories with ren's angelina jolie look-alike friend* Ssshh PA doesnt know.

my grandma passed away last thursday. my dad's mum. all 6 of them flew back home consecutively over the past 3 days. i never really knew her. im sad for my dad.

** PA's coming over tonight to finalise the guestlist. hopefully i'll have the energy for it. im getting the flu again. boohoo.

that is all for now.

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Feb 12, 2007 @ 06:59pm
[ mood | amused ]

Happy Valentines DayCollapse )
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Jun 28, 2006 @ 12:42pm
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